Single application performance, dual screen convenience

ARCport Dx Workscreen ARCport Px screen

ARCport Dx

ARCport Px

  • Pre-loaded and individually customizable dropdowns
  • Automatically suggested conclusions based on worksheet findings.
  • Pertinent studies are automatically organized and displayed
  • Test results available to chart, fax and print instantly
  • Single-word Quick Text
  • One click patient history
  • Accreditation geared sentence builders
  • Highlighting of abnormal measurements
  • Individually customizable color schemes
  • Intelligent pre-fetching for instant study load
  • Indefinite historical lookup for side-by-side comparison
  • Single-click offline measurement override
  • Fast, intuitive interface
  • User-specific, customizable layouts
  • Image viewing and report completion on a single PC
  • Automatically displays images from the patient selected in Dx.
  • Universal compatibility with imaging hardware

Increase your ability to expand and adapt undaunted by the task of juggling isolated, proprietary systems.
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Gain the respect you deserve from primary care physicians by delivering same or next day results.
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Vibuhti Singh, MD, FACC
What I like most is the highlighting of the measurements and findings, which I use to come up with conclusions specific to the patient and specific to the disease, and it makes my work easy.