Focus on Physicians

physician reading stationDigitally bridge the gap between diagnostic imaging results and the physician's reading station. Consistent, easy to read reports are printed, published to EMR, and faxed directly to the referring physician upon completion.


Key Features

  • Pertinent studies automatically organized and displayed
  • Interpret with customizable dropdowns
  • Automatically suggested conclusions based on worksheet findings.
  • One click historical study lookup
  • One click annotations for review by peers or referring physician and patient notification
  • Stat button signs, distributes, and faxes the report to the referring physician or surgeon within minutes

Financial Benefits

  • Dictation and transcription delay is completely eliminated
  • Improved relationships with both referring physicians and patients
  • Highly available studies are ready immediately after being completed by techs.

Surpass the expectation of patient care with the speed of connected systems.
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Testimonail video

See how your physicians and staff can quickly benefit from ARCport's workflow improvements.

wittJeff Witt, M.D., FACC
I'm frustrated with computers. They’ve always been a way to spend more money to get less done. That is - until now. ARCport is great for helping me find the records that are relevant to me, do the necessary paperwork and move on to the things that are important to me, like my patients. Because the system retains my preferences - the time I wasted every day searching for information has been done away with. One of the biggest helps is quick turn around on reports. This is a major breakthrough for our practice.