Administrative Advantage

    Immediate Benefits
  • Increases revenue by considerably streamlining workflow
  • Simplifies the process of gathering accreditation statistics and information
  • Eliminates tasks by digitalization
  • Increases accessibility of data
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Delivers physician satisfaction
  • Single-click administrative reports automatically chart and graph production
  • Billing is easy to manage and can be seamlessly integrated to PM.

Consolidate diverse diagnostic workflow requirements with a single solution.
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See how your physicians and staff can quickly benefit from ARCport's workflow improvements.

Wendy Radnovich, Systems Analyst, Cardiology
ARCport has improved the quality and efficiency of the non-invasive cardiology reports. It has eliminated transcription costs that continually increase as the department increases in volume. As a result of ARCport, the physicians are more acclimated to the computerized generation of reports that will be more prevalent in the very near future. ARCport is bringing St. Anthony's Health Care one giant step closer to the EMR which is planned to be completed in the next few years and has been an asset.