ARCport benefits a group's non-clinical staff

    At the Front Desk
  • Single click patient instructions
  • HL7 integration eliminates duplicate entry
  • Login specific patient searches
  • Minimal training necessary
  • HIPAA compliant change tracking

    Billing Department
  • Charges are sent to billing immediately after the physician signs the report
  • Per study diagnosis and CPT codes are managed by you to best meet your needs
  • Automated notification for easy totals verification

    Medical Records
  • Automated, site specific printing configuration
  • Automated faxing to referring physicians
  • HL7 integration pushes reports into patient charts upon completion
  • Patients and history are easily searched

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Gain the respect you deserve from primary care physicians by delivering same or next day results.
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Katie O'Gradney, Patient Accounts Manager
ARCport has eliminated coding for diagnostic testing. Problems caused by human error are automatically flagged and a detailed report describing the problem is emailed to the staff members I've assigned to handle them. What's really great is that a test can be done and the charge can be sent out the same day.