How does ARCport help obtain and maintain accreditation?

  • Standardize reporting. ARCport covers over 30 modalities including echo, nuclear and vascular.
  • Consistently deliver prompt diagnostic reports to referring physicians. ARCport modifies and streamlines the diagnostic workflow creating an environment capable of consistently producing quick reports. By eliminating Dx transcription and automatically prioritizing aging studies the average report turn time is less than 24 hours.
  • Calculate study and turn time totals. Manually researching and calculating these items can be very labor intensive. ARCport reduces these tasks to the click of a mouse.
  • Electronically sign and automatically fax to the referring physician. This helps improve relationships with referring physicians and patients by consistently delivering concise reports within 24 hours. Both patient and referring physician surveys become requirements for reaccreditation.
  • Patient follow-ups can now be dependably scheduled within a couple days for both diagnostic and referring physicians.
  • Administrative reports are available to track turn times according to a variety of parameters. One click automatically tables charts or graphs: physician, modality, department, CPT code, location, date range, practice totals and more.

Enjoy the advantage of software designed for your specialty and avoid the hefty price tag of huge corporate overhead.
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Rely on expert guidance at every step instead of frustrating tech support runaround.
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James Post, MD, FACC
In between patients I’ll quickly read an echo, a holter, I’ll do a nuclear study. I don’t like studies to build up. And with ARCport, reading is so fast and easy that it flows easily into my day. I just get the studies done and complete.